Permanently Delete your Mobile number from Truecaller

Truecaller is now available as an app on almost all OS. Prior to this service, there was no fast and awesome way to discover or follow telephone and mobile number specifically with not much endeavors. But if you’re more concerned about your privacy and you want to remove your number from Truecaller or deactivate Truecaller account Permanently, then this post is really useful for you. 

Deactivate Truecaller account Permanently

  • For Android Devices

Open the application > Then tap the people icon at upper left corner > Tap Settings > Then About > Click Deactivate account.

  • For iPhone Devices

Open the application > The tap the gear icon you see at top right corner > Click About Truecaller > Then Scroll down a bit > Tap Deactivate Truecaller.

  • For Windows Mobile Devices

Open the application and tap on the three dots which you will find at bottom right corner > Click Settings > Then Help > Tap Deactivate account.
That’s it! After you have deactivated your Truecaller account, Now we will proceed to remove your number from True Caller service.

Remove your Number From True Caller Permanently?

It’s quite easy to Remove your Number From True Caller. To Remove your Number From True Caller or to unlist your number from True Caller follow these steps - 
Step 1: Visit their official website's here

Step 2: You will need to Select your Country which you live.
Select your Country from the Drop Down list.
Step 3: Now you will need to Enter Your Phone Number that you wish to remove or unlist from TrueCaller service.

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